Hint: get him somewhere where there are no trees for him to stop every 20 seconds and pee on.


and as a result, has gotten stuck on the porch.

To get him inside, we have to lay a towel down so he can walk across it onto the carpet.

Another weird thing about Kodiak? He doesn’t like going outside without someone. He’ll sit on the porch and whine at the door until someone comes outside, no matter how badly he has to pee.

I know that posting four 30-second videos is technically the same as one 2-minute video, but I couldn’t resist. Kodiak doesn’t get to play in the snow off-leash very often.

I wonder what happened to Kodiak to make him afraid to go into the kitchen after being fearless and using it as his preferred napping space for 6 months.

For proof that Kodiak has not always been afraid of the kitchen, check out him eating breakfast in it.

This one is a little longer than 30 seconds but it was the first time i’d ever seen Kodiak in more than a dusting of snow and he was SO EXCITED that I just couldn’t shut the camera off.